When it comes to putting together your company’s retirement plan, asking the right questions is imperative to making sure you’re meeting both your business objectives and keeping the best interest of your employees front and center.

At McCabe & Associates, we often see plan sponsors come to the table without the right questions, largely because they don’t know what questions to ask. As retirement plan advisors, our job is to ask the right questions of you and for you, so you can select the plan that best meets your needs.

Let’s say we’re sitting around a table about to discuss your retirement plan. You tell us you have both full time employees and part time employees. We would ask you if you want your part time employees to have access to the plan and if there are certain employees for whom you would like to maximize benefits. Our team would also inquire about your company’s cash flow to determine if you would be able to continue to make any mandatory contributions each year.

It’s not your job to think of this line of questioning, but it is your job to ensure you’re choosing the most appropriate plan for your business and for your employees. The best way to do this is to find a trusted advisor with experience and expertise in the retirement plan space who has your best interests in mind.

Is your advisor asking the right questions about your plan? Are you asking your advisor the right questions about what they can offer? Find out how our advisors can help you manage your plan and help you avoid making this mistake.

At McCabe & Associates, retirement plan consulting is not a sideline business. Our advisors average over 30 years of experience in the retirement plan market, and we oversee over $125 million in retirement plan assets. In the end, our goal is to ensure your and your employees’ best interests remain at the forefront of each decision we make together.

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