Company Retirement Plans


A great company retirement plan can help you reach many of your business goals, including attracting top talent and helping them save for one of their biggest goals – to retire. Alongside assisting your employees, you can also receive benefits as a business owner. Managing everything that accompanies your company’s retirement plan can be overwhelming, so our team helps you from plan design to deployment and everywhere in between, and helps administer the plan moving forward.

We believe each of the elements of our four-step process considers the three critical elements of a successful retirement plan:

  • Plan Design: helping you stay competitive, maximize participation, and control costs
  • Retirement Readiness: educating your employees on setting, reviewing, and updating their goals
  • Investment Selection: helping you choose and monitor an investment lineup

Our advisors average over 30 years of experience in the retirement plan market, and the advisors oversee through their affiliation with Cetera Advisor Networks, LLC over $125 million in retirement plan assets. In the end, our goal is to ensure your and your employees’ best interests remain at the forefront of each decision we make together. To request more information, fill out our new business client form, and our director of retirement plan services will contact you directly.

Discuss & Discover
We begin the discovery process by determining the original purpose of your plan, if those needs still exist, and if your plan is meeting those needs. From there, we will evaluate your current arrangement. This can include plan document provisions, employee demographics, investment offerings, and employee investment selection. If you don’t have a plan in place, we will help you determine your goals and the core purpose of your plan.



Once we have analyzed your existing plan or determined your goals for a new plan, we will work with you to develop your best path forward. Our role is to act as an intermediary between you and all the parties necessary to develop your company’s retirement plan, including a third party administrator (TPA), fund companies, and even your accountant to ensure tax efficiency. Throughout the investment platform proposal process, we will assist you with vendor approval and investment lineup selection, and advise you on the most appropriate choices that can help you meet your goals.



After your retirement plan has been developed, we will work with you to deliver it to your employees. Our team will provide the communication materials you need to present to your employees, and hold group enrollment and education meetings with your employees as needed. Throughout our relationship, we will serve as a resource to both you and your employees, helping maximize participation and ensure that your employees set realistic goals for their retirement.


Our role does not stop there. We will continue to monitor your plan to make sure it remains competitive and continues to meet the needs of your business, and to assist your employees from enrollment to retirement. This ongoing process includes



  • Plan design: helping you stay competitive, minimize risk, and control costs
  • Participation: assisting you in improving employee participation
  • Education: serving as a resource both to you and your employees
  • Investments: providing and monitoring appropriate investment choices
  • Administration: monitoring fees, legal changes, and other outside influences that may impact your plan
  • Reporting: providing you with investment policy statements and other timely information as needed
  • Review: performing annual reviews and regular reporting to ensure your plan remains compliant and aligned with your goals