Portfolio Monitoring


There are so many important items to address when it comes to your financial plan. We recognize that keeping track of all those items can be a stress of its own. That is why our clients use our Black Diamond portal as the “one-stop shop” for their monitoring purposes. Our client portal serves multiple purposes for our clients such as:

  • Monitoring their overall net worth with our firm
  • Booking an appointment with their advisor with a few clicks of a button
  • Monitoring their financial plan by linking our MoneyGuidePro software
  • Monitoring their risk tolerance by linking our Nitrogen software
  • Storing McCabe’s custom-made quarterly reports as well as the monthly reports from our custodians
  • Exploring overall account activity, individual account performance, cost basis information, and much more

We recommend watching our company video on Black Diamond to familiarize yourself with some of the highlights of the portal.