Charitable Giving and Philanthropy

Our firm commends those that give and subscribes to the belief that giving is its own reward. However, we think it’s important for our clients to know that there are ways to gift that may provide you with additional rewards. That’s why we work closely with Schwab Charitable to set up Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) for our clients that would like to enjoy the tax benefit that comes with their gift. This is a great resource for clients who would like to enjoy a tax benefit now, keep their money invested over time, and make gifts from their DAF as they need.

Furthermore, as personal information has become more accessible in today’s world, many people are placing an increased value on their privacy. Our firm recognizes that this need extends to people’s ability to gift, which is why we also work with Silent Donor for those clients where anonymous gifting is their top priority. This provides the same tax benefit for your gift with the added peace of mind that your gift will remain anonymous.