Shifting Your Focus

You’re within 15 years or so of retiring, and that means it’s time to start concentrating on that wonderful end goal: to stop working when you’re ready and to do so on your terms. However, we know at this time in your life, you have conflicting priorities, like a mortgage (or two), children leaving for or already in college, and potentially heightened expenses. Remaining focused on your goals will be incredibly important as we begin to make decisions that can help you reach retirement when the time is right.

At your stage in life, we will shift the focus of our recommendations to your retirement and what you need to get there, relying on your overall financial plan to inform our decisions. Some of the solutions we may consider for you include:

  • Assess your retirement plan: Brokerage accounts, 401(k)s, IRAs, and other investments
  • Increase contributions: Focus on saving for retirement in current or desired lifestyle
  • Plan for future lifestyle: Vacation home, travel, financial support for children or other loved ones
  • Manage and continue eliminating debt: Mortgage, children’s education expenses, credit cards, and other lines of credit
  • Protect your loved ones: Disability income insurance