George McCabe, CPA

George has been with the firm in an official capacity for a short time, but he has been around McCabe and Associates, Inc. for over 20 years. Although the realm of investments has always interested him from a young age, it was the quality of staff and more importantly the quality of clientele that ultimately drew him to work for the firm. Managing long-term financial stability is a vital part of every American family, and George has always wanted to become a part of that process in different capacities. Preparing individuals for retirement, helping finance a home purchase, and guiding parents through college planning for their children are a few of the noble pursuits that excite George about this industry.

He recently joined the firm after obtaining an undergraduate degree in accounting from the University of Notre Dame in 2017. While there, he completed coursework in business finance, financial analysis, and investments, as well as certain levels of economics. A short experience in the assurance realm with Ernst & Young in 2016 and the passing of the Certified Public Accounting exam in early 2018 has expanded his expertise to audit, financial, and tax-related accounting disciplines.

George currently resides in the city of Chicago where he enjoys reading, piano, and exercising in his spare time.